Sarah Lamb
Dallas City Council District 9



Community Endorsements

Sarah isn’t part of any of the factions that are currently dividing our city government. She’s got no big donors and no powerful backers— just a bunch of concerned neighbors who know her character and urged her to run...She is a relative newcomer to city politics, but given what we’ve seen from the existing cabals of late, I see that as a major plus. If you live in District 9, I hope you’ll give Sarah a serious look and join me in supporting her for city council.
— Barry Jacobs, District 9 Resident

David Bailey

Eric Klein

Melissa Preston

Suzanne Cochran

Teresa Bonner

Dr. Jesus Borillo

Matthew Brown

Kristin Boyd

Bill Williams

Terry Syler

Blair Pogue

Carl Stewart

James Shivers

Dr. Lauren Murray

Alexandra Soucek

Amber Montgomery

Robert Gilbreath

Kristi Bradley

Elizabeth Lewis

Halea Burchette

Kristie Hardage

Dylan Bowman

James Wright

Lila Stewart

Gil Glover

Daniel Flick

Amy Parker

Katherine Cochran

Caitlin Berg

Justin Long

Joe Gress

Juan Felipe Cabrera Pazos

Christine Danna

Sue Slattery

Kevin Rudy

Will Shramme

Victoria Sugar

Deborah McGroarty

Robert Farone

James McDowell

Kristen Plohg

Blossom Horton

Ray Vinton

Patty McBride

Jason Gandy

Robert Vincent

James Demuth

Cori Dehghanpisheh

Christine Lipscomb

Roy Wilson

Anthony Campagna

An outstanding member of our community is running for City Council, who is a go-getter and gets stuff done with fiscal responsibility.
— Kimberly Farrar Sinnott - Past LECPTA President, Lakewood Mom, Coach, East Dallas Business Owner