Sarah Lamb
Dallas City Council District 9




I take a non-partisan position. I believe that it is important to keep national level political partisanship out of Dallas City Council. The current political climate is divisive and has no business encroaching on our city government.

I am about taking care of the basic municipal needs, and stopping the wasteful spending on vanity projects. I am for a clean and transparent government.

I look forward to prioritizing District-9 in its entirety, and representing ALL of our neighborhoods.

My Focus


First Responders

The city should prioritize the bolstering of DPD staffing volumes. We can attract talent and retain the talent that we have by negotiating better pay and benefits during the next Meet & Confer.

We invest nearly $150k per officer to go through our DPD Academy, only to lose many of these vital officers to the police departments in the suburbs. The city loses officers to departments that offer higher salaries, better benefits, and a better quality of life.

Streets Policy

First and foremost, we must complete our ongoing street projects. Our community has had enough of endless delays and budget overruns. My plan includes creating penalties for project delays, so we can finish our projects on time and on budget.

We cannot continue to allow the deferral of basic maintenance of our streets until a bond package gets passed. I would like to see us stop the wasteful spending on vanity projects such as multi-million dollar pedestrian bridges, and instead focus our resources on road maintenance.

Arts Funding and Visit Dallas

Visit Dallas is an entity that is in violation of their contract, and receives nearly $30 million dollars a year from our City’s HOT (Hotel Occupancy Tax) money. Currently their CEO makes nearly $700,00 a year in salary and compensation.

Currently only 2.6% of our HOT money goes to our Arts programs. This is only $1.6M of all of the Hotel Tourism Money received. Houston allocates 19% of their HOT money, Austin 15%, and San Antonio 11%. We need to re-allocate a greater percentage of our HOT money to our ARTS. This is tourism money, not Dallas tax payer funds.

The 2019 fiscal year budget for the Office of Cultural Affairs is $22 Million out of an operating budget of $2.788 Billion (Less than 1%).

We need to put Visit Dallas, and their Marketing function out for RFP (Request for Proposal), and look at other opportunities for the entities to take over the Dallas tourism marketing. I believe by putting the Visit Dallas contract out for RFP we can obtain a better contract which is not only more efficient but effective as well.

White Rock Lake

The single greatest asset to our community is White Rock Lake. Our lake is the crown jewel of not just District-9, but the entire city. I believe that it is vital to keep our lake a public park. In the past there have been attempts by the city and private entities to try and privatize and monetize our lake. I believe that our lake needs to stay a public park for all to enjoy. We should not permit new private development of its shores.

In addition to ensuring that our lake stays public, we need to prioritize the maintenance and health of this wonderful amenity. I would like to prioritize the dredging of our lake. The last time White Rock Lake was dredged was in 1998. I plan on fully supporting the White Rock Lake Dredging Committee, by working together to ensure that this vital project is funded within the next bond package.